Releasing a Bird

Releasing a Bird

06/06/2018 0 By birdHunter

To earn 100% of the Bird reward you must Release Birds to a Nest between 4-7am the following morning. Not releasing them before 7 am will result in making only 50% the stated Bird value.

The bird must be charged higher than 98% to receive all the cash.

You can reserve a Nest for 30 minutes; this should be the first thing you do when you wake up. When you book a Nest, you reserve all the spots usually it’s 3 or 4 a Nest. Take some time to get to know the nests around you, they have photos on the app, and you can take a free ride over to one after you are done grabbing Birds for the night.

Similarly, when you want to release your birds, you must release them all at once. Now… this does not mean you have to take all 3 Birds with you at once. You can make multiple trips back and forth (remember 98% or more battery for $$) dropping off birds each time, but when you hit “Release Birds” and take a photo, you are also releasing the Nest to other Chargers in the area. So you if you make multiple trips to one Nest, wait until you have all spots of a Nest filled before hitting “Release”.

Select the Birds from the list to release them and get paid. You will be asked to take a picture before leaving. Well done!