Moving a Bird Scooter

Moving a Bird Scooter

06/06/2018 1 By birdHunter

To move a Bird scooter you must first unlock it as either a Charger or a Rider. Moving the Scooter before doing so will result in more frequent beeping from the Bird. Doing this as a Charger may get you banned from the App as you can not move a Bird without first claiming it.

These Birds are more substantial than they look and much like a scooter you may have had as a child, these Birds are “Achilles heel killers”. Picking up the back wheel results in the Bird rotating in one of two directions, either into your leg or away from your leg (much like buttered bread, it prefers falling on one side)

A quick trick to prevent the Bird from rotating into your leg is to rotate the handlebar post before lifting up the bird. What I mean is, if the bird is on your right side, you should turn the handlebars counter-clockwise grab the center post 1/4 of the way down and then lift up. What you have essentially done is removed the Birds ability to rotate into your leg, it can only rotate away from your body. If you then bring the back end of the Bird close to your upper thigh you can prevent it rotating any direction. Lifting up the Bird is the way to go inside a building… if you can lift 20lb objects.

The one wheeler: by lifting the front wheel off the ground and putting the handlebars at waist level you can drastically lower your turning radius, but you have increased your length as the Bird is out in front of your body. Be careful not to over rotate the scooter as you can snag that rear plastic wheel protector on the ground, and the handlebars will come towards you at a rapid rate.


Another helpful way to move Birds is to pick them up with the front light facing you, and the back wheel behind that. What is interesting here is if you grab far enough down the post the back tire will not hang straight down but out in front of you, making like a V shape on its side…. <  like that.

Try and limit how often you pick these things up, they can be really dirty!