Bird Charger Overheating

15/06/2018 0 By BirdHunter

Overheating Bird Charging Bricks

There has been some talk amongst the chargers I have ran into while riding around. HOT CHARGERS! One person even complained that they had to leave the charger unplugged for an hour before it would charge a Bird.

Here are some tips to keep your Bird Charging Bricks in top condition.

  1. DO NOT place these on carpet! I would only place them on top of the Bird Foot Platform, or better yet, hang the charger over the handlebars via the cord, allowing air on all sides of the charger.
  2. Unplug the brick when it is not in use. If you put your ear right next to the brick you can hear a faint whine. This is power being used, which equals heat. If the brick is room temp when starting it will take longer before it over heats.
  3. The APP IS INCORRECT ON BATTERY! Never, ever, ever use the app to report battery stats, use the LED on the battery pack. Red=Charging; Green=%100 charged
  4. Turn off the bird if it has a power button. This will allow you to charge faster and the batteries wont drain overnight.
  5. Charge newer birds first (battery drain is less), then charge the highest battery % until all birds are %100

That should be all you need to keep the charging bricks in top shape! Time is very much money in this game, taking care of your battery chargers is just one way to maximize your profits. Check out the articles below to learn even more time saving tips.