Broken Birds

Broken Birds

11/06/2018 0 By BirdHunter

It sucks when you find a Dead Bird. You either have to carry the thing or push it beside you, sometimes you are lucky and spot the broken Bird while riding another Bird. However in my experience I find that Dead Birds are added to the map between 11am and 4pm. Checking the Bird App every 20-30 minutes looking for changes in the map, when you see a new dot, click on it and see the last location, if today, GET MOVING!

Here is the sequence of clicks to report a Broken Bird.
First Click “My Birds”

then select the broken birds

(mine are orange because they have already been reported)

Type in a quick description and click the most relevant category. If the battery is not charging or the bird does not move I always select Motor.


That’s it. Now deliver the Bird just like you usually would in the morning to a Nest, a repair tech will come by later and pick this Bird up to mend.


If the battery does not charge, leave the bird plugged in all night, when dropping off the bird write the CODE into a Help message in the App. Report the bird is broken, that you marked it broken, note the battery %, how long it charged, and then link the Bird Code. Make every message to Help ONE message only, sometimes Help Technicians cannot see your previous messages.