Bird Promo Code & Free Helmet

Bird Promo Code & Free Helmet

06/06/2018 0 By birdHunter

Get your FREE helmet and a free $5 Bird Promo Code!

If you would like to use your browser to order the Helmet, you can do so here. If instead, you want to go through the app, here are those instructions; under the “Rider” profile there is an option labeled “Safety”. Clicking this opens a new page, at the top there is a small blurb about Helmets and a link which takes you to the Bird Store. There you can pick out the size of your helmet using standard measurements. After you take your first ride in the app and pay $2.99 for shipping the helmet will be in the mail.


Here is a Bird PROMO CODE that is good for $5 Bird dollars in the app before your first ride

Be sure to check out how to become a charger