How to deal with bird help

19/06/2018 0 By BirdHunter

It’s going to happen, you will need to interact with Bird Help once a week to fix issues with being a charger. Below are the best tips I have to deal with customer support.

1. Make all interactions one message long. You need to fit all info into one text
2. Be sure to include all scooter codes you are having an issue with.
3. If the problem has to do with nests or a map location, take a picture of the Bird Map and include it
4. DO NOT MESSAGE BIRD HELP BETWEEN 4-7AM. This seems to be their busiest time, and unless you have an urgent issue they will send an automated message and ignore you until at least 8am. If bird failed to pay you for a Charged Bird or if a bird won’t release into a nest, document the problem, take photos/screenshots, and walk away.

Those are my best tips for getting your issues resolved. Here are a few of my past issues: bird charge % was incorrect, birds still in my inventory after I dropped them in a nest, damaged bird appears on the map where I captured it, and the bird alarm will not stop after capture.