Bird Scooter Lights

Bird Scooter Lights

06/06/2018 2 By birdHunter

You might be saying to yourself “The scooter comes with lights! Why would I need to buy Scooter Lights?”

You are correct, but when in Charger mode, only the rear scooter lights will work. While we are on the subject of that measly rear light, it is 5 inches off the ground 2sq inches large… and simply not enough for a busy city. There are a few Bird models that have a Physical Power button located on the handlebars to turn on the front facing light, but I have only ridden one as a Charger.

So this TOPTREK Bike Light set is the best I have found Front & Rear Lights

TopTrek front and rear lights



The rear light can attach to your shirt, jeans, jacket, backpack… pretty much anything. It can either be a clip or a rubber band strap. The front light is even better, no tools required to attach to the front handlebar. Clamp down and tighten a few turns and you are off! I usually mount the light upside down as most Bird models have very large faceplates that horde most of the space on top of the handlebars. Another modification I have done is to rubberband the “pad” to the light clamp. This makes the light even more universal as you have two sizes on the light, and then using the pad or not using the pad gives you two more sizes to fit handlebars.

When you get home, before you plug in a single bird charger, REMOVE YOUR SCOOTER LIGHTS FROM THE BIRD! You do not want to give the next rider a present. You might also want to invest in gloves.