Add Bird Nest

Add Bird Nest

11/06/2018 0 By BirdHunter

Feel like this is the most important topic for some Chargers and Businesses… Add Bird Nests to the map, and also Removing an annoying Bird Nest! You can remove those pesky Bird “Nests” from your stoop, entrance, stairwell or walkway by following the instructions below. If instead, you are having trouble Releasing Birds in the morning because there are no drop off Nests, I may be able to help you as well.. it depends on your area; Keep Reading.

How to REMOVE BIRDS from your path

Here is the Google Doc link with an attractive “Form UI”.

Enter your name, city, the contact details for the landlord. A picture is NOT necessary of the Nest inside the App, although it will help if you have multiple nests around your building as the Bird Technician may have trouble discerning which Nest you want to remove. Be sure to put plenty of notes, the better you fill out this form, the better your chances of getting a quick approval and speedy results!

If you are unsure how to fill out the form or have not heard back from Bird in more than three days comment below or message me and I can fill the form on your behalf.


How to ADD BIRDS to the Map

The Form link is on Google Doc.

To fill out this form takes a bit more time and thought. You need to find paved ground which does not impede the path of foot or bike traffic in any way. The Nest needs to be on a place of business this includes Apartments! Again you can not block doors or street parking spots; please avoid picking spots which are hard to get to when a car parks near it.

SADLY, some users are reporting Bird has removed the google doc. Try and follow the Google Doc link to see if your area is still accepting applications. Again, I can add the spot for if you shoot a message my way.

To my knowledge, there is no monetary reward for doing either of these tasks for Bird.


Being able to add Birds and remove Birds from the map is crucial for this service to work, and I am surprised how hard it is to figure out this information. Follow this page for more info about Bird App where we have tons of Tips that are somehow even more useful than how to add birds to the map.